LAVELA Joint Stock Company is one of leaders in the fish sauce & condiment field in Vietnam. LAVELA owns KABIN factory, the biggest fish sauce factory in Binh Thuan province with a total area of 70,000m2 & the total investment value is about $20.6 million USD.

Highlighted with modern production lines imported from Europe, Germany, Italy,
The Netherlands, … with the largest scale in Southeast Asia, production of delicious fish sauce with 100% pure technology itself. Fulfillment from the automatic reception of raw materials to the finished product with a capacity of 96 million liters per year.

LAVELA produces fish sauce on modern technological lines, applying UHT pasteurization
technology. So, the fish sauce is absolutely safe and has a delicious taste. UHT (Ultra High Temperature) technology is the advanced pasteurization method used in the modern
food industry for foods such as fresh milk, yogurt, fruit juices. The product is processed at high temperatures (130 ° C – 150 ° C) for a short period of seconds, eliminating harmful bacteria while retaining its original flavor and nutritional value of Products.

The fish sauce of LAVELA is processed and quality controlled through a closed production process with a high automation level. As a result, fish sauce is not only delicious, nutritious but always ensures the food hygiene and safety standards as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.


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