Known to be one of the biggest wedding dress brands in the North during the past 20 years, H&A wedding fashion is striving to become the leading and pioneer wedding fashion brand in Vietnam, contributing to keeping traditional values in each wedding dresses and outfits. Long experience in the profession and a team of skilled artisans has been creating a definite strength for H&A wedding fashion brand.

H&A – A professional and effective wedding fashion brand

Referring to H&A is to mention the first choice of each couple when preparing for their wedding dresses, and a trusted partner of many wedding brands around the country. With skill and professionalism, H&A is able to meet the customers’ special requirements. At the same time, with the outstanding advantage of a direct production base and active sources of materials, H&A is also capable of manufacturing larger orders with high requirements for sophistication.

H&A offers a variety of products for wedding outfits: wedding dresses, long dresses, princess dresses, prom dresses, men’s and women’s suits; with customized service or specific design advice. Cherishing each wedding outfit, and being able to execute large orders make H&A wedding fashion distinctive.

H&A currently has a team of more than 100 highly skilled workers (including 20 technically excellent tailors, 10 people who have expertise in lace and lace applique, 70 beadwork artisans), who are highly meticulous with each outfit. In addition, H&A also has a team of professional designers and design collaborators who are always ready to support design consultancy for customers.

Along with a large-scale, diverse and abundant material inventory, H&A is also known as a source of materials for many wedding dress manufacturing facilities. The source of materials is always under control to be ready for big orders and updated with the latest trends and designs, which is one of the top priorities in H&A’s operation.

During 20 years of operation, from a family with a tradition of making wedding dresses to a well-known wedding dress manufacturing brand, we have always left our mark as a professional and brand-name choice. Best results for customers, helping customers save time and cost-effectively.

Save the professional techniques

Unlike other wedding dress brands, H&A always pays attention to preserving meticulous technical skills in making each wedding dress. We apply and optimize the development of efficient machinery and technological equipment in our production chain but not to eliminate the manual and traditional techniques, which are known as our differences and determinations.

H&A understands the value of traditional handmade techniques for wedding dresses, which beautifully craft the “soul” of each wedding dress. Our skilled artisans are able to perform sophisticated wedding dress techniques, especially 100% beadwork by hand to ensure the fit of each out

Furthermore, H&A is also ready to provide different wedding lace designs.

Maintaining sophisticated artistry and excellence in the production of wedding dresses is the way H&A chooses to preserve our cultural traditions and make a mark on our customers.

Towards the core values

For more than two decades, H&A believes that our success and reputation are built on the values that we have firmly pursued.

In terms of business, H&A’s leading operational principle is prestige and quality. H&A management and staff are mindful of this and implement it in all production processes from implementation to delivery to customers and the follow-up support.

From a professional perspective, preserving traditional values is the path that H&A persistently follows. The limitations of traditional crafts such as long execution time, unstable, high technical requirements, etc. were transformed to become our strengths. H&A understands that it is the traditional values that make up the beauty of typical Vietnamese wedding attire, which cannot be replaced by machinery and technology.

Socially, H&A always strives to fulfil our social responsibilities. We respect sustainable community values, contributing business profits to the common good of the community through local support programs. The target group of H&A are women, creating opportunities for them, helping them to improve their ability and increase their position in the family and community.

Expand and thrive

Continuing to expand the market and the target audience, H&A has been on a striving journey for the goal of becoming the largest wedding dress manufacturing brand in the country. To accomplish this goal, we are continuously making changes to improve the quality of our production and services in every aspect. Extensive customer network, and the ability to meet large and complex orders, H&A believes in our goals and is gradually achieving them.


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