Agricultural Joint Stock Company 365 (Agri365) is a company producing and supplying clean agricultural products with material areas that meet international quality standards.
Agri365’s business activities include:
1. Providing seedlings, technical support for farmers – Agri365’s partner
2. Investment in developing raw material areas
3. Preliminary processing of quality agricultural raw materials;
4. Producing consumer products from quality agricultural raw materials. We have the ability to go from the developing plant varieties to producing agricultural products.
Not only benefiting customers, but Agri365 also supports our partners to have income and develop together.
We strive to fulfill our clients’ requirements by focusing on innovation, consistency in quality, attentive customer service. And most importantly, we commit to protect the environment and do business in the most sustainable manner.

Gac raw material area
1. Criteria for selecting a material area
Gac is a non-picky, alum tolerant, drought tolerant, low investment cost, the soil is inferior, fallow lands, ponds, canals, etc. as a source of income improvement for farmers, helping farmers make the most of their land bank. So the selection of soil to grow Gac is very diverse, suitable for the majority of Vietnam’s land.
2 Gac material area of Agri365
The company owns 30 hectares of Gac material in My Duc dict., Hanoi. Company Combining development cooperation with people in the Northern and Northern Central provinces of Vietnam. The total area of material areas 83 hectares.

Products from Gac:
1. Gac dried film:
Dried Gac membrane of Agri365 is processed on a closed process, ripe Gac fruit meat is put into the kiln to ensure purity and food hygiene and safety.
Gac dried film is the flesh of Gac fruit after removing the shell, separating seeds and drying, contained in a vacuum bag with the
weight of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, or at the request of customers.
2. Gac powder
Pure Gac dry powder made from 100% dried Gac
membrane. Gac meat (Gac membrane) is dried at a suitable temperature so that Gac powder reaches the best quality and color; It will then be put into a pulverizing machine.
This is an important stage that requires high professional and technical requirements to be able to create a good, fragrant, beautiful and quality
Gac powder product. Agri365 Company invests in modern machines and skilled technicians to ensure this stage is performed best.
Gac dried powder is standing in a vacuum bag with a weight of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, or according to customers’ requirements.
3. Gac oil
Gac oil is made from Gacmembrane (Gac meat) and other materials are pressed at 80 degrees Celsius in a closed process to ensure the best quality of the product and food hygiene and safety. Gac oil is standing in a vacuum bag with a weight of 500ml, 1l, 5l, or according to customers’ requirements.

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