Invitation to Natural healthy and Nutrition Festival 2018


The Natural Healthy & Nutrition Festival is a bridge to connect directly between enterprises of qualified products and retail partners, local and international distribution channels.

Natural Healthy & Nutrition Festival 2018 consulted by Ho Chi Minh City’s Food Safety Management Board is organized by Vietnamese High Quality Product Business Association for the first time. The event will bring together organic, safe and traditional food products that have been innovated to adapt to modern life. There are more than 80 exhibitors of special organic, safe food products; 30+ international buyers from Europe, Japan, Korea, Middle East, ASEAN, 150+ enterprises participating business matching, bringing Vietnamese local specialties to the world.

The festival has more than 10,000m2 space for consumers to discover, experience with hundreds of unique food products, many of which are Vietnamese High Quality products, traditional fish sauce products meeting international standards from the Phu Quoc producers; many specialties such as rice, sticky rice; fruits and vegetables, Cattle and poultry meat are processed according to the specific method of highland such as smoked/ smoked on shelves in the kitchen/ acidulated meat, sausage; Many new and strange spices coming from the northern mountainous provinces such as Bac Kan, Son La, Ha Giang, Hoa Binh … In the time of 15:00 to 18:00 every day there will be cooking shows being in charge of five star hotel chefs, culinary artisans – will provide an enjoyable experience for visitors. There will also be many celebrity meetings with Thanh Loc, Vietnamese Ambassador Kim Xuan, Hanh Thuy, actress Van Trang, Le Phuong who all support Vietnamese products.

Specifically, the organizer board have also the participating acceptance from Europe (Dutch Retailers Association), Asia Africa Retailers Association, buyers from the Middle East, Indonesia, Thailand… the big domestic distributors such as Coopmart, Vinmart, Auchan, Lottemart, Central Group, GS25 convenience stores, five star hotels in the city, industrial catering companies.

The event will be a place to raise the qualified Vietnamese products, increase trust among consumers, as well as connect Vietnamese products to the world. The event will take place in four days from 18-21 October, 2018 at Nguyen Du Gymnasium.

Organizer: Vietnamese High Quality Product Business Association.

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