ADK Manufacturing and Trading Co.Ltd is an operating company in the field of production and trade, in which exporting agricultural products is the company’s strength. With the motto of bringing the best quality products, competitive prices in the market, along with enthusiastic customer care and support services, our valued customers are satisfied with our services

Our market countries are USA, Russia, Korea, India and many more.

Like thousands of fireflies glowing in the pitch-black night sky, the immense dragon fruit gardens, symbolizing the land of La Gi, Binh Thuan always thrill adventure-loving souls and learn unique cultural features. unique in each new land they explore.

Every night, the dragon fruit garden lights up a vast land, making this place shimmering with a strange and magical feature that attracts visitors. Remembering Binh Thuan, La Gi, tourists remember that brilliant image, and also make everyone have to buy some of these delicious specialty fruits to bring back home and as gifts for friends, relatives.

Children with their families, parents, young people who love nature can also visit the clean dragon fruit garden – a specialty of the sunny and sunny La Gi coastal land. Experience the hand-picking of sweet, ripe, naturally grown dragon fruits, put them in your mouth to enjoy right away so as not to miss any aroma, will surely be an interesting experience every weekend. back for the whole family!

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