ECOSTRAWS manufacturer have research and develop a new products, which is edible and very friendly with environment. The first product is straws that are perfect solution to ban on  single-use traditional straws.


The accumulation of plastic waste in the environment cause pollution which have harmful effects not only on the land and rivers by affecting wildlife and habitat, but also on human health. Scientists keep working  to find solutions to reduce and replace plastic for green environment and we-EcoStraws is pround to contribute by studying and producing eco-friendly disposable goods.

Rice straw and other edible product made from 100% clean sources like rice and other grains, not only to replace traditional plastic straws, but you could also eat without worrying about health or the environment.

The environment in the world is seriously polluted with plastic waste, forming plastic islands in the oceans that affect and threaten the life of marine creatures and human health. ECO STRAWS VIETNAM EXPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established based on the trend of green consumption to contribute to the improvement of the marine environment, without plastic waste and plastic straws. Eco Straws Vietnam have been shown to have a longer lifetime. They are 100% all-natural straws, produced from starchy cereals, vegetables and fruits with special formulas. Our straws can be used to replace plastic straws and cooking processes such as stir-frying, hotpot cooking, frying … with Eco Straws Vietnam if you accidentally throw away the straws and they are sucked into rivers, lakes or the sea we have created a good food source for fish and marine life. Eco Straws Vietnam are committed to making our products from 100% natural materials, not creating carbon dioxide. As the result, they are very safe for users.

Plastic Pollution

According to CNN, Plastic straws is a nightmare that destroys the marine environment. Statistics show that about 500 million straws are used every day in the United States, and most of them are not recycled but are thrown straight down, causing water pollution and killing marine life. This is just the number of American, so imagine how many straws the world uses in a day? . Unfortunately, the plastic straws are harmful, but recycling it is not easy. “Plastic straws and other items smaller than two inches, such as plastic utensils, fall through our recycling,” says Jonathan Kuhl of the Washington, D.C., Department of Public Works. So where are most used plastic straws? Sadly, some lie for centuries in the landfill and a large number are in our oceans, and that’s all due to human.


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