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At Dh Foods, we have the belief that qualified spices will make the dishes more delicious and help people feel happier when enjoying meals. With the value of Vietnamese spices, Dh Foods’ spices are also the specialities that carry along with the most outstanding cultural features of several regions in Vietnam. We always try all efforts to find, research, and bring to everyone the special spices throughout the country from the North to the South.

Establishment and development 

Dh Foods CO.LTD has been established in 2012 by Mr. Nguyen Trung Dung (CEO) who has about 30 years of experience in the Food Processing Industry (20 years in Europe and 10 years in Vietnam). Since then, he has been leading the company to develop and modernize many product lines of Vietnamese regional spice-specialities.

We have had a network of distributors in over 50 provinces and cities in Viet Nam since May, 2013. Dh Foods’ products not only have unique Vietnamese taste but also meet the EU food quality standards. Spice-specialties of Dh Foods quickly have gained the trust of consumers and appeared in all main supermarket-chains and convenience stores nationwide.

Our qualified products have been exporting to many foreign markets with strict requirements such as USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Netherland, Australia, etc. The online distribution system of Dh Foods has been started and developed by cooperating with reputable affiliate websites including TIKI.vn, LAZADA.vn, SHOPEE, LOTTE.vn, Amazon.com, Alibaba Group, etc. As a result, people all over the world, as well as our compatriots living abroad can buy Vietnamese spices for their daily use easily.

Our promises to the consumers

Being consistent with the criteria of “No Synthetic Color, No Artificial Preservatives, and 0% Impurities” from the very beginning, Dh Foods has become the first choice of safety and quality for consumers. We are deeply conscious the impacts of synthetic colors on consumers’ health. Therefore, the company strives continuously to provide products with the criteria of “NO SYNTHETIC COLOR” which is from the most natural ingredient speciality of the regions in Vietnam. “NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES” is one of the important criteria of Dh Foods’ products because it is considered as the “silent killers” which threaten consumers’ health. We make every effort to research and produce totally non-preservatives products. The natural spice products made by Dh Foods are committed to being 100% pure. With the criteria of “0% IMPURITIES” which assure the material source shall be selected, cleaned, dried, and packaged carefully to ensure that the products handed to customers are the most natural.

Key Products – Key Success

Tay Ninh Salt Specialties – The dipping salt traditional speciality of Tay Ninh province which is famous for its full of sun and hot wind in the Southeast of Vietnam. DH Foods brings these Tay Ninh specialities to all family.Besides the original flavours, we are developing and extending this product line to meet diverse demands and suit each culture in every market. Through a modern and closed process of manufacturing, not only domestic citizens can enjoy clean, quality, and diversified products but also consumers all over the world. We have various kinds of dipping salts for dipping fresh vegetables and fruits as a perfect choice. Moreover, some types of Tay Ninh Salts make chicken, egg, and seafood dishes more attractive.

Dh Foods Sauce Specialties – With the criteria of “No Synthetic Color – No Artificial Preservatives” to protect community’s health. Dh Foods have tried to select the most valuable gifts from a beautiful city, Nha Trang and bring closer to the consumers. The city has its own sauce recipe for most kinds of seafood – Nha Trang Chili Lemon Sauce which is made from salt, chili, sugar, and lemon following a gold ratio. The combination createssour and spicy, smooth, and viscous sauce that boldly presents the traditional cuisine of the Central. Besides, this sauce also tastes good with vegetables and other grilled or BBQ meat. We also create many unique versions from the original sauce by mixing with passion fruit or ginger, etc to satisfy the diverse tastes.

Dh Foods has released the new product line – NATURAL since 2019. True to the name “NATURAL”, our products are completely natural: “No MSG, No Synthetic Color, No Artificial Preservatives, and No Artificial Sweetener”. Dh Foods is proud to provide Vietnamese Spices to everyone and everywhere.

NATURAL Spices – We always try our best to find and bring spice specialities to the people throughout the regions of Vietnam. Indispensable spices in the kitchen such as Phu Quoc Pepper, Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Turmeric, Lemongrass, Chili, Annatto Seed, Cinnamon, Anise, etc are carefully selected from Phu Quoc island or northwestern highland…

Base on Tay Ninh Salt Specialties, Dh Foods has launched the NATURAL Salt Specialties which completely ensure 4 criteria of NATURAL: “No MSG, No Synthetic Color, No Artificial Preservatives, and No Artificial Sweetener”. Using Yeast Extract as an alternative to MSG gives the products the most natural sweet taste. This product line is extremely loved in many strict markets as USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, etc.

Recently, Dh Foods has brought one type product line named NATURAL Cooking & Marinating Spices that consists of NATURAL Beef Pho Spice, NATURAL Chicken Pho Spice, NATURAL Five Spice Powder, NATURAL Cham Cheo Meat Marinade and NATURAL Curry Powder. A combination of spices in one bag always follows the “Golden Ratio” which makes the dishes more delicious and attractive as well as extremely easy to cook, even the youth can make these difficult dishes for their family.

The purpose of Dh Foods: “Delicious taste comes from natural ingredients”.

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DH FOODS CO., LTD    Address: 9th Floor, MH Building, 728 -730 Vo Van Kiet Street, Ward 1, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Tel: +84 28 39225940 (41,42); Fax: +(84) 2839225944; Email: info@dhfoods.com.vn; Website: https://www.dhfoods.com.vn

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