LIXCO Vietnam


After more than 47 years of continuous innovation and brand development, LIX has become familiar to consumers in local and overseas markets. Lixco has continued to assert itself with a sustainable development strategy, are always innovative, creative and find new ways for company’s growth.

In the long terms, Lixco focuses on:
» Customers’ satisfaction for product quality and reasonable price.
» Ensuring interests of shareholders, employees and partners.
» Developing a good working environment with safety and professionalism.
» Investment in technology innovation and enhancing automation in production.

Detergent market in Vietnam is assessed to have a stable growth in the future. In its long-term goals, Lixco will always focus on investment in both depth and width in order to meet market demand.

On behalf of the company, I would like to express our sincere thanks to all staff and employees, partners in local Vietnam and overseas, distributors, supermarket systems, and special thanks to Vietnam consumers who have trusted and used LIXCO products for many years.




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