Many international investors interest the shares of Nhon Trach 2 power plant


In the first week of October 2019, many international investors paid special attention to shares of Nhon Trach 2 Petroleum Power Joint Stock Company (NT2). Specifically, the Panah Fund with a Headquarter in the Cayman Islands currently holding 1.9% of NT2 stock met and had a dialogue with NT2. Following, the Japanese Great Wall Company also came to learn information about production and business activities of NT2 in recent years.

Representavive of the Panah Fund meets and talks with NT2.

In meeting with NT2 this time, Mr. Romain Rigby – Director of Panah Fund raised many questions about activities of NT2 in the first 9 months of 2019. He also expected many good changes in activities of NT2 in the fourth quarter of 2019.

During the working meeting, the parties discussed the development orientation, participation of NT2 in the wholesale electricity market (WCM) and market forecast in Vietnam coming years…

Representavive of Great Wall Company learns NT2 information.

In September 2019, NT2 completed the minor repairs with ensuring quality, saving costs, excessing the schedule for more than two days and increasing the capacity of the plant for 5-6 MW

Investors put their trust in NT2 in the fourth quarter of 2019, the end of the year when the electricity market requires high consumption and NT2 will have the advantages to increase electricity generation, turnover and profit, and fulfill its production- business targets.

Representavive of Panad Fund visits NT2 Control Center.

After the meeting, Panah Fund and Great Wall Company representatives visited Nhon Trach 2 Power Plant. The investors high appreciate the modern technology and information transparency of NT2.

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