GREEN URBAN FOODS CO. LTD. – Instant noodles supplier


I. Introduction:
Green Urban Foods has been established since 2010. Our main products are convenient food such as instant rice noodles, instant noodles, packaged fresh porridge and ready-to-cooked sauces. With the motto “Convenient fine foods” we aim at bringing customers not only convenient but also delicious and good foods with enough nutrition to meet modern dynamic lifestyle.
Our special products are Vietnamese instant rice noodles. We carefully select the most authentic and well-known rice noodles recipes from different provinces of Vietnam. The recipes then develop further by our experienced R&D to create the products that capture the unique flavor of Vietnamese rice noodles.
All products have been processed in HACCP certified facilities to ensure the highest food safety level.
Capacity with current production:
– 120,000 bowls/month
– 15,000 porridge pouches
– 100,000 sauce sachets
II. Private label partners:
– Khanh Hoa Nest: Sauce and vegetable sachets for instant dried porridge
– Phở 24

III. Contact details

42 Street N11, Long Hau Residential Area, Long Hau Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province, Vietnam
Tel: +84 92 777 7657

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