Alba Agriculture Ltd Co.


About Alba

  • Founded in 2011 basing on trust, sharing and passion
  • Built on the background and knowledge of a strong team on Agriculture in Vietnam
  • Long term experiences in agriculture and production
  • Our history is built on a strong relationship to be a family company

Alba’s vision

Focus on Agriculture considering
• Building strong partnerships with farmers to be able to manage all the process of production
• Limited use of chemicals and think at others production process using natural method (biological control; natural fertilizer…)
• Certification Global Gap for all our productions during these 3 years and Organic during these 5 years
Focus on quality and quality controlled
• Analysis of water&soils
• Analysis of our raw materials
• Analysis of our finish products
Focus on responsibility
• For our employees; for our customers/partners and suppliers
• Reach the SMETA certification for first quarter 2020
(already in process)
• Social impact for farmers
Personalized services focus on our customers

Please see the attachment for more details of Alba’s products


For more information, please contact Vietnam Trade Office in Canada at