Approving the content of ‘The National Energy Master Plan’


Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has just signed a Decision for approving the content of ‘The National Energy Master Plan in 2021-2030 period with a vision to 2050’.

In principle, the Government requires that the national sector planning must be suitable with the overall national master plan and national land use plan. Therefore, the content of the National Energy Master Plan must ensure a synchronous, complete and suitable integration on the basis of inheriting relevant contents.

Besides, the national energy master plan should also be placed in relation to other planning projects in accordance with the Planning Law.

The overall objectives of The National Energy Master Plan are to:

1/ Mobilize all domestic and international resources for energy development to ensure energy supply and demand balance with the aim of optimizing the costs for socio-economic sustainable development of the country.

2/ Use diverse and rational sources of domestic and imported primary energy.

3/ Promote activities on energy efficiency and encourage the development of renewable energy sources to contribute to energy security, reduce dependence on imported energy …

In order to assess the energy infrastructural system alternative for every sub-sector it is necessary to make energy forecasts for all the energy customers as industry, agriculture, commerce, transportation and households.

The contents of the Overall Energy Master Plan include 3 volumes:

– Volume 1 (The main specifications).

– Volume 2 (The Appendixes)

– Volume 3 (The Drawings).

The Volume 1 includes 4 parts (with 14 chapters):

Part 1: The current national energy situation and the results of implementing the planning projects.

Part 2: The current situation and forecast of socio-economic development, and orientation of developing energy sub-sectors.

Part 3: The plan for developing energy infrastructure in the 2021 – 2030 period with a vision to 2050.

Part 4: Mechanisms, solutions and organization for implementing the energy master plan.

The term for implementing the Overall National Energy Master Plan is 12 months from approving the tasks and complete selecting consultant for the project.

After the Task of Energy Master Planning is approved and the selection of consultancy unit for making the Master Plan on energy is completed.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) as the organization for making the project has to guarantee deploying steps in accordance with provisions of the planning law and other relevant laws.

The Ministries, agencies and People’s Committees of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government are responsible to coordinate with MOIT in the process of making the Overall Energy Master Plan in accordance with the provisions of the laws.

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