Established in 2007, now, THNA Group has nearly 10 years of operation in stone mining and processing industry. We have been known as the biggest white limestone supplier with the most prestigious in Nghe An (we supply all factories in Nam Cam Industry Zone with materials for production). Nghe An Calcium Carbonate is known about the abundant reverses, highest purify in the world and has been highly appreciate by the French biologist more than 100 years ago. After many years of operation, with the deep understanding stone industry, the company leaders had decided to invest an ultra-fine limestone powder factory at Chau Quang Industry zone – Quy Hop – Nghe An. With the advantages different from other companies, THNA Group affirms surely that he shall brings to customers more finance benefit as well as the stability of product quality.

Our company is one of the leading and prestigious companies specializing in mining and processing white marbles in Vietnam. We owns 05 white marble quarries with the largest reserves in Nghe An province, Its total area of 117 ha is located in Chau Hong and Chau Quang communes, Quy Hop district, Nghe An province and long-term licensed by Ministry of Environment and Resources. With top quality white marble, high purity calcium content, we supply materials of good and stable quality. THNA Group is proud to be main supplier of raw materials to CACO3 plants in Nam Cam Industrial Zone with for several years.

In 2016, we invested in construction of ultra-fine white limestone grinding plant on area 7ha in the key region of materials. This plant is 1 km from quarries and has the largest scale as well as biggest capacity in Nghe An. We have 05 CACO3 grinding lines with modern technologies from Germany and China giving ranges of products with capacity up to 200,000 tons/year. In which, there is Germany ball mill grinding line – HOSOKAWA –ALPINE technology with the most advantaged modern classifier 800 TTD (single driver, turbo – twin discharge) that gives products with extremely good quality, stable particle sizes and double capacity in comparison with previous technology. Besides, Trung Hai Nghe An has operation engineers with over 10 years of experience; the young, dynamic, enthusiastic and professional sales team; and large and powerful trucking team with lot of experience and vehicles.

Even though, we have started operation for over 1 year in superfine stone powder (CaCO3), we have been receiving attention of international customers; they already visited and placed order. Especially we received requests of orders from difficult markets such as Japan, Europe. This is the best proof to product our quality, services and prices.

Through years of operation, our company has established its position on markets and creates belief in mind of customers. With the principle “Customers bring all to us”, We commit that all customers coming with us will receive the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Trung Hai Nghe An send this open letter to your company with desire of giving your company a new choice as well as we can have more loyal customers.

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