TNM-Vietnamese Agricultural Products


Founded in 2020, TNM-Vietnamese Agricultural Products wishes to let all our friends worldwide discover the fantastic taste of Vietnamese fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Being led by their experienced team in agricultural products, TNM Vietnamese Products are not only tasty but also very healthy, that is to make sure, each product they deliver delivers lots of nutrition for health and beauty

03 years passed and realizing that not only fresh fruits but other products made in Vietnam do also attract friends all over the world, TNM Products now has diversified its products and broadened our destination markets to meet the overseas demands going up

They are supplying many products that are special a very GOOD QUALITY Vietnamese products, such as Tropical fruits (soft dried and fresh), Cashew nuts, Coffee, Dried green tea, Tapioca starch, Fresh vegetables (cabbage, onion, sweet potato, green mung beans…) and Handicrafts with GOOD PRICE!

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