Nafoods Group JSC-the large fruit and vegetable growers, processors and exporters in Vietnam


Founded in 1995, Nafoods Group JSC (HOSE: NAF) is among the largest fruit and vegetable growers, processors and exporters in Vietnam, specializing in Fruit Juice/ NFC, Puree,
Concentrate, IQF, Fresh Fruits, Dried Fruits and Nuts.
Our products are distributed all over the world, especially in Europe, the US, Oceania,
Middle East, Japan, and Korea. The mission: Providing the world of natural
agricultural products, safety and bring beautiful life for everyone.

Input materials are always focused and satisfy worldwide standards in growing and production, thanks to the nourishment and preferential treatment provided by Vietnam’s nature. Furthermore, they have achieved several remarkable successes and milestones through each level, using a closed and standardized procedure and the most advanced technologies. Their experience in exporting agricultural products for more than
27 years has contributed to our strength in satisfying all markets with strict quality standards. Our dried fruits are carefully sourced and processed in line with international standards including ISO, Halal,.. Nafoods Group is proud to offers year-long supply with high quality from consistent sources.

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