With a vision and investments focusing on applying advanced technologies – integrated technical and management science, TH Group has created a portfolio of sustainable and healthy agricultural products including fresh milk, nut milk, healthy beverage, fresh and organic vegetables…All TH’s products are widely distributed through our modern retail chain to bring the natural goodness compliant with international standards to the table of Vietnamese consumers, which started with UHT Fresh Milk TH true MILK.

Since 2010, TH Group has been proud to be a pioneer placing the first corner stone for the fresh milk industry of Viet Nam through our centralized dairy farm with hi-tech applications which has investment scale of 1.2 billion USD, over 45,000 imported cows from USA, New Zealand…and one of the leading modern dairy processing factories in Asia. By implementing international end-to-end technologies into closed production process from grass to glass, dairy products from TH farm’s fresh milk always guarantee freshness, natural essence and international standards, which delivers outstanding usage experience and health benefits to consumers.

Since our introduction to the market in 2010, the portfolio of dairy products purely made with fresh milk from the TH farm have been expanded and marked in the heart of consumers through various brands: TH true MILK (UHT fresh milk, pasteurized fresh milk, formula fresh milk), TH true YOGURT (stirred yogurt, probiotic yogurt, UHT drinking yogurt), TH true CHEESE (natural cheese), TH true BUTTER (natural butter) and TH true ICE CREAM (natural ice-cream). In Vietnam, TH is the first company taking lead in signing agreement to apply organic dairy farming and production compliant with the Organic standards of Europe and USA. Moreover, TH is also the first one succeeding in selectively breeding cows from precious gene pool to create the A2 cow herd in Vietnam.

Continuing our legacy of the nutrition evolution, in 2018, TH introduces series of purely natural nut milk TH true NUT which is refined-sugar-free pioneering.  This product formula is a creative and scientific combination of dairy fresh milk from the TH Farm, nutritious nuts and natural sweetness from date fruits, which is better for family’s health. During the same year, TH also paved the way of natural, healthy beverage through Nui Tien water, herbal and juice factory project with investment scale of 1,177 billion VND. The factory is equipped with two most advanced production lines in the world which are 100% automatic, energy saving and environmentally friendly. Combining with selectively natural ingredients, TH has created purely natural healthy beverage portfolio for various needs of consumers including: naturally purified water TH true WATER from natural groundwater,  roasted rice drink TH true RICE, fruit juice TH true JUICE and juice milk drink TH true JUICE MILK. They are fruits of our dedication to thorough research and investments to introduce the best beverage for the health of community. 

Following these great successes, TH Group has expanded our investment to agricultural product production, among of which, hi-quality clean vegetables, fruits, rice and some agricultural specialties as highlights. The Project on high-quality vegetable, fruit and rice cultivation (FVF) of TH, which consists of 2 farms with total land coverage of 1,100 ha, has applies a strict management process from cultivation to distribution, “from farm to table”. Recognized as a sustainable-for-ecosystem project, it is a pioneer in organic agricultures to protect the environment as well as applying high-tech in agriculture in wide scales. After being officially launched in 2013, the products branded FVF quickly gained the customer’s trust all over the country with over 100 types of vegetables, fruits, rice of which many have been granted Organic certificates from EU and USA. TH Group is also the owner of NASU sugar project with investment scale of 90 million USD, material zone up to 18,500 ha across 7 districts and 1 towns of Nghe An province (Vietnam). Through its modern European-standardized factory, annually, NASU has been produced about 100,000 tons of sugar compliant with Vietnam and international standards. As a result, NASU products are highly regarded by clients including leading food and beverage companies and the daily consumers.

The chain of TH’s purely natural products has been widely distributed in Vietnam as well as international markets, especially through our modern retail chain TH true mart with over 200 stores nationwide to bring the modern and convenient shopping experience to consumers. Due to their outstanding qualities, purely natural products of TH has been internationally recognized with many prestigious awards: World Food Moscow (5 consecutive years from 2015-2019), IBA Stevie Awards (2018, 2019), World Dairy Innovation Awards (2016), Gulfood Dubai (2016), ASEAN Best Food Awards (2015)…

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