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Royal Fish Sauce

When priceless traditional values are well-preserved by such a culinary passion, the purest fish sauce with the most authentic taste from the sea is born so that all diners can experience the utmost essence of true Royal Fish Sauce.

Sea’s Heritage

Anchovy is the valuable gift from the sea, are fished in specific season and carefully hand-selected right at the harbor to meet all standards and criteria; thus, Royal Fish Sauce is produced annually with limited quantity to serve the market.

Traditional Taste

The combination between premium anchovies and the famous Chi Cong salt at Binh Thuan sea with 3 fishes : 1 salt ratio, each drop of Royal Fish Sauce is different and unique.

Emotional Fullness

Royal Fish Sauce’s purity is the result of traditional brewing method that allows you to cook dishes with rich and full of flavors and emotions.

Viet Land Essence

Royal Fish Sauce is the pride and glory of the elite artisans who preserve the traditional method of making fish sauce and vow to keep from time to time as “Viet Land Essence”.

Meaningful Present

Royal Fish Sauce carries a luxurious style with brown pattern wooden box and elegant gold logo. When presenting beloved ones with the premium Royal Fish Sauce, it means that you are giving the national essence of the Country’s cuisine. Rich and flavorful anchovies and sea salt, not only is the spice of cooking but also the spice of caring, love and true dedication. Royal Fish Sauce is the most valuable and delicate gift to the beloved ones on Tet Holiday and every other day throughout the year.









“Values to Customers is the core and soul of a Brand.”

Van Xuan focuses, pays attention to every detail when developing products in order to bring real values to our Valued Customers and Partners. We invest in technology, continuous improvement towards the goal of creating, developing quality products and services, ensure satisfaction and worth the trust of our Valued Customers and Partners.

Our Vision

Striving to become one of the leading enterprises contributing to the stabilization of the country’s macro economy.

Our Mission

  • To Customers

Establish long-term relationship with Customers through providing quality products and professional services.

  • To Partners

Value mutual corporation and development with trust and respect, bringing practical values to partners.

  • To Employees

Always mindful that human resources is the most valuable asset, so We commit to provide working environment maximizing the capability of each individual, always care about physical and mental wellbeing of our employees and ensure the level of income commensurate with the dedication to the development of the Company.

  • To Community

Perform roles and responsibilities to Society accordingly, to actively contribute to community sharing difficulty activities for a prosperous and blissful Country.

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