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Asia Food Joint Stock Company is the first professional manufacturer of Grass Jelly products in Vietnam. Our factory has a campus of more than 5000m2 located in Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Area, certified by international organization SGS to ISO 22000: 2018 and HACCP standards. Since establishment in 2011, Asia Food JSC has been the market leader in delivering the best solutions to our customers, providing high-quality products, serving all of the market’s demand and changes.

Asia Food JSC is the strategic partner of the Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) and Vietnam National Institute of Food Control (NIFC), in which our high-qualified technicians support these Government Departures in launching new projects, analyzing and controlling the food quality and safety.

Main products of Asia Food JSC

  1. Grass Jelly (Can packing)

Vietnamese Mesona Chinesis Benth (Mesona) is rated the best quality in the world with highest nutrient content such as the pectin content, polyphenol, 17 amino acids, digestion fiber,  flavonoids,… Mesona is an herb with cool properties and light sweetness. It helps cool our body, especially our liver, especially improves our body’s digestion system. In Eastern Medicine, the herb is widely used for curing the cold, acute arthritic, high blood pressure disease diabetes.

Grass Jelly Can is an instant product with a soft texture and natural herbal flavor. Through the sterilization process at 121oC in 60 minutes, it helps kill all microorganisms. This product can be stored under normal conditions for 1 year without preservatives.

** Packing: 540g / can ; 24 cans / carton box

** Shelf life: 1 year

2. Grass Jelly Light (Can Packing)

Grass jelly Light is also instant jelly and has been formulated specifically for those on the diet. Instead of using refined sugar, the product uses Stevia sugar with low calories. Moreover, we add nutritional fiber FIBERSOL-2. It works to reduce fat absorption from your meal.

** Packing: 540g /can ; 24 cans / carton box

** Shelf life: 1 year

  1. Mesona Chinesis Benth Extract (Liquid):

Mesona Extract is a liquid product that is extracted 100% from the dried Mesona plant. This product has a variety of applications such as:

– Mix with hot water and honey to drink directly as a nutritious drink.

– To cook jelly, convenient for the home cook,  restaurants, and coffee shops.

** Packing: 500ml/ can ; 24 cans/carton box

  1. Grass Jelly Powder: 

Grass jelly powder has been widely and long ago in Asian countries in various applications. It can be used as an ingredient in sweep soup, milk tea, and many dessert drinks in the coffee/tea/milk tea shops. User can add milk, coconut sauce, lotus seeds, or chia seeds with pieces of cutting grass jelly and create a very delicious drink.

Grass jelly powder could be used for jelly manufactures to make packed jelly cups or instant jelly products and sell in supermarkets or convenience stores. Also, it can be sold as small jelly powder bags for consumers to make jelly at home with their own cooking formula.

  • Packing:


(20 bags x 50g) / pack

8 packs/carton box

25kg/ kraft bag


  1. Jelly Powder:

With more than 10 years of research and production experience, Asia Food JSC is known as one of the leading jelly manufacturers in the Vietnamese market. They are currently supplying jelly powder to major brands such as Long Hai Jelly, Newchoice, Duc Hanh, Hiep Long,…

Jellybee has a very low water output, transparency up to 90%. This is a great advantage and brings many great applications, especially in making 3D art jelly.

** Packing: (50 bags x 12g) / carton box



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