A canned foods, frozen fruits producer looks for buyers


Established in 2007, Minh Dung has been known as one of the most leading processors and exporters of fruits and vegetable products in Vietnam.

Minh Dung Private Enterprise specializes in producing and exporting canned foods, frozen fruits such as: Pineapple, Straw Mushroom, Cocktails, Rambutan, Rambutan with Pineapple, etc… All of products are processed upon on the European advanced technology, also got FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), to be entered in the United States of America.

Minh Dung operates two main processing lines. These include a fruit canning factory with a capacity of 10,000 tons of finished products per year, a fruits and vegetable frozen factory with capacity of 8,000 tons/year.

Minh Dung is located in the largest area of the tropical fruits in Vietnam. The company also has its own 900 ha of pineapple plantation yielding up to 15,000 tons of fresh pineapple per year. There are also various of fruits and vegetables in the nearby area that the company processes regularly including mango, passion fruit, soursop, dragon fruits, papaya, guava, banana, coconut, aloe vera, rambutan, cucumber, sweet corn, baby corn, sweet potato, lemon grass, red chilli, jackfruit,…

From the establishment until now, Minh Dung Private Enterprise has grown stronger by leaps, affirming the position in Food Processing Export market. At present, Minh Dung’s products has been exported to many countries in the world, such as: the United States, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Rumani, Japan, Taiwan, etc…

The quality management system at Minh Dung is standardized which is BRC, HACCP, ISO, FDA,…

The company’s Quality Policy:

+ Satisfy the customer requirements.

+ Always produce and supply the products with quality, safety, in compliance with currently legal laws and regulations.

+ Train and enhance all staffs for their knowledge and skills to meet with all the process operations of the company.

+ Continually improve the quality management and food safety systems, ensuring the operational efficiency of the systems.

Canned Fruits
Canned Baby Corn in brine Count: 12-15 Canned Rambutan Stuffed Pineapple in light syrup Canned Pineapple Mini Slices in light syrup (30 oz) Canned Straw Mushroom Half cut (30 oz) Canned Red Papaya in light syrup
Canned Mango in light syrup Canned Tropical Fruits Cocktail Aloe Vera in light syrup Pickled Gherkins  
Frozen Fruits
IQF pineapple tidbits 1/16 blanched IQF pineapple tidbits 1/12 IQF Pineapple dices 10x10mm IQF Passionfruit Pulp Seedless (without seeds) IQF Passionfruit Pulp Seeded cubes 10g
IQF Passionfruit Pulp Seedless cubes 10g IQF passionfruit half IQF Passionfruit Pulp Seeded IQF sweet potato chunks random (steaming) IQF sweet potato chunks Slices
IQF Mango chunks 20x20mm, 15×15 and 10×10 IQF Mango half (cheeks)

(Cat chu, Kaew variety)

IQF Mango Stick


IQF sweet potato Dices 20×20 (Japanese variety) IQF sweet potato Dices 20×20 (Vietnamese variety)
IQF Rambutan whole IQF Lychee seedless IQF Lychee whole IQF young Green Jack fruits chunks IQF Jack fruit  strips
IQF Red Watermelon chunks 20x20mm IQF Garlic cubes 20g IQF Cassava leaves (Pondu) Seal 2 sides IQF coconut Grated cubes 20g IQF Jack fruit Whole seedless
IQF Durian Seeded – RI 6 variety IQF Durian Seeded – Monthong variety IQF Durian Seedless IQF Muskmelon – Gold melon chunks 20×20 IQF Muskmelon – Green melon chunks 20×20
IQF Muskmelon Whole IQF red papaya chunks 20x20mm IQF White Guava half IQF mixed tropical fruits (mango, papaya, pineapple, gold melon, green melon) IQF mixed tropical fruits (mango, red papaya, White guava)
IQF mixed tropical fruits (mango, red papaya, gold melon) IQF sweet corn kernel IQF Baby Corn Whole IQF Baby Corn Cuts IQF Baby Corn Slices
IQF Pepper Slices IQF Lemongrass cuts IQF White Dragon fruit IQF Red Dragon fruit IQF Avocado half
IQF Okra Whole IQF Okra Slices IQF Coconut chunks 20x20mm IQF Banana slices 10+/-2mm Pineapple Crush
IQF Pumpkin chunks 30-35mm (Skin off) IQF Pumpkin chunks 20-30mm (Skin on) IQF Pumpkin Slices Green Bean cuts 4-6cm Malabar spinach Crush
IQF Onion Slices IQF Taro Strips IQF Taro Slices IQF Aloe Vera dices 10x10mm IQF Sweet Potato slices (blanched)


For more information, please contact Vietnam Trade Office in Canada at Ca@moit.gov.vn