Japan would like to import high quality coal from Vietnam


At the commemoration of “30 years of the first ship of Hon Gai Anthracite coal for iron and steel production in Japan”, a working meeting between the leaders of Vietnam National coal and mineral industries Group (Vinacomin) and Japan iron and steel companies.

At the meeting, Japanese iron and steel companies expressed desire to import high quality coal of Vietnam and asked Vietnamese government, Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and Vinacomin to create favorable conditions for Japanese trade companies to import high-quality coal from Vietnam for producing iron and steel.

According to the Japanese side, Vietnam has a number of high quality coal for steel industry as coal dusts 1, 2, 3 which are rarely used in Vietnam domestic market.

“It can be said that these coal dusts are not used in Vietnam, while ones need very much for producing iron and steel in Japan market, so exporting these coal dusts to Japan will bring high economic efficiency for Vietnam”, shared Mr. Hiroshi Daimon, Deputy General Director of JFE Steel Group.

Coal import – export relationship between Vietnam and Japan has existed for 30 years. In November 1989, according to agreement between Vietnam Coal Import – Export and Material Supply Company and Japan Marubeni Company, the Phoenix ship with the first 10,000 tons Hon Gai anthracite coal leaving Cam Pha port to supply ore caking plant of JFE group in the Philippines, opened a new breakthrough direction for Vietnam coal industry. Following the success of this first ship, the ships of supplying Vietnam coal for the Kokura plant of Sumitomo Metal Industries and the Oita plant of Nippon Steel Group, were one after another carried out in December 1989.

The success of the first Hon Gai anthracite coal ship was an extremely important milestone for Vietnam coal industry to step into and integrate with the world and market as well as to enter a strong development period after foundation of Vietnam Coal Corporation on October 10, 1994.

Beside the iron and steel, a good quality anthracite coal of Vietnam has been supplied to Japan for many other industries such as cement, electricity and other industries. The Japanese traditional partners buying coal from Vinacomin are JFE Steel Corporation, Nippon Steel and companies of producing chemicals, electrodes, briquettes … and trade companies as Marubeni, Sumitomo Corp, Nippon Steel, Sumitomo CMR, Sanko Progress Mabis, Sojitz JECT, Meiwa, TOTAS…


For more information, please contact Vietnam Trade Office in Canada at Ca@moit.gov.vn