Francophone Gastronomy a Singapore – a chord from Vietnam


The member embassies of the International Organization of the Francophonie have come together to launch the 2021 edition of the Francophonie Festival in Singapore, taking place from 8 to 30 March. For Francophone-EAT, Vietnam is presenting Singapore’s chef Jeff Koh, the Chef de Cuisine at Red Sparrow – an elegant and authentic Vietnamese restaurant right in the heart of Dempsey Hill. Fascinated by Vietnamese cuisine, Jeff had spent 3 years in Vietnam to learn cooking, and started as a Kitchen Porter in Hochiminh City. Jeff ‘s various experiences within the F&B industry include Brown Sugar, Hacienda, Grand Hyatt Hotel… In 2017, Jeff opened Vietnamese restaurant “Red Sparrow”, which offers home-cooked meals typically found in a Vietnamese household. At Red Sparrow, you can find a rich menu of dishes using fresh ingredients sourced directly from Vietnam.

Red Sparrow is also the first Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore to adopt gourmet shop concept where clients can both enjoy food and discover after their own culinary talent with available food products from Vietnam, i.e.:  rice paper, fish sauce, pepper, chili sauce, cracker, rice vermicelli, rice paper, dried shrimp, wood ear mushroom… The Trade Office of Vietnam in Singapore is proud to support Jeff for his cooking show and also for his first Vietnamese “shop and dine” restaurant in Singapore.

In his segment of Francophone-EAT, Jeff will be preparing two classic dishes: Crispy Prawn Summer Roll and Green Mango Prawn Salad. His cooking show will be broadcasted in direct on 14/3/2021 at 18pm on the event website: and livestream on facebook @voilahsg. His show named “Vietnamese cuisine: A summer of tastes” will help you to discover the culinary heritage of Vietnam and also to learn how to prepare these famous and gourmand dishes. A Summer of tastes will be a symphony of colors and awake all your senses thanks to fresh products sourcing directly from Vietnam. Discover herewith Jeff’s recipes for Crispy Prawn Summer Roll and Green Mango Prawn Salad:

Green Mango Prawn Salad Crispy Prawn Summer Roll
For 6 servings

– Vietnamese Green mango (2pcs) or pomelo

– Vietnamese prawn (300gr)

– Carrot (1 pc)

– Vietnamese coriandor (1pkt)

– Garlic minced (1table spoon)

– 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp fish sauce.

– Cooking oil ( tbsp)

– Basil (1pkt)/Mint/Coriander

– Cherry tomatoe (1pkt)

– Vietnamese cashew nut (1pkt)

– Vietnamese Chips (1pkt)


For dressing :

– Vietnamese Fish sauce (3 table spoon),

– Vietnamese green Lime juice (5 tbsp)

–  sugar (5 table spoon)

– Chili salt (1 table spoon)

– chilli paddi minced (t tbsp)


For 30 rolls – 6 servings

– Vietnamese  Rice paper (2 pkt – 20 papers/each)

– Vietnamese prawn meat (500g)

– Chiken or pork Minced meat (200g)

– Taro (1pc – 400g)

– Dry Vietnamese shitake/ear wood mushroom (100gr)

– Carrot (1 pc – 100g)

– Onion (1 pc – 100g)

–  Black peper (1table spoon) ; Sugar (1tbsp)

– Salt (1table spoon), Fish sauce (1tbsp)

– Lettuce (1pkt)

– Basil (1pkt), Mint (1 pkt), Coriandre (1pkt)

– Vietnamese Rice vermicelli (1pkt)

For sauce :

– Vietnamese Fish sauce (5 table spoon),

– Rice vinegar (2 table spoon)

– Water or coconut water (200ml)

– Vietnamese green Lime (1pc )

–  sugar (5 table spoon)

– chilli paddi minced (t tbsp)

– Garlic minced (1table spoon)


Step1: Bring a small pan over medium heat, add 1 tbsp cooking oil and fry the garlic till slightly golden. Then drain the dried shrimp and add to the pan, together with 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp fish sauce. Lower the heat and keep stirring for a couple of minutes until the shrimp is caramelized. Set aside to cool. 


Step 2: Combine the shredded mango and carrot in a mixing bowl, then add the caramelized dried shrimp, oh the garlic smells so good. Then add the mixed dressing and toss well. Leave for 5 minutes and you will see the juice settled at the bottom. Discard this juice as well, as nobody like a soggy salad. Now chop up the mint and chili and mix in. 


Step 3: Transfer to a serving plate and topped with cashew nut/cherry tomatoes/coriander. You can serve this with some prawn chips or rice sesame cracker.


Step 1: Soak shitake and ear wood mushroom in water until soft and slide.

Step 2: Shred other ingredients: carrot, taro, onion and 300 g prawn meat.

Step 3: Combine shiitake, pork, shrimp, carrot, onion, taro, fish sauce, sugar, salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Toss well to break up pork and evenly distribute filling ingredients. 

Step 4: Lay 1 rice paper wrapper diagonally on a flat surface. Spread a scant 2 tablespoons of filling across the center of the wrapper and put one prawn on top. Fold bottom corner over filling, then fold in side corners to enclose filling. Brush egg on top corner of wrapper and continue rolling to seal. Make additional rice paper in same manner. 

Step 5: Heat oil in a deep-fryer, wok, or large saucepan to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C), or until a drop of water jumps on the surface. 

Step 6: Fry rice paper until golden brown, 5 to 8 minutes. Drain on paper towels or paper bags.

Step 7 : Combine all ingredients for the dipping sauce in a bowl and stir until the sugar dissolves.

Step 8:  Serve immediately with Rice vermicelli, lettuce and other Vietnamese herbs.


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