Risks from losing fruit exporting markets


The Plant Protection Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development has given the alarm that the market may be lost if disobeyed the regulation of import countries, from analysis of biggest market China.

According to Agro Processing and Market Development Authority – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, export value of Vietnam on fruit reached to 3.747B$ (increased almost 10 times in comparison with that of 2010) and 9 first months of 2020 accumulated 2.491B$ amid pandemics.

Vietnam has a second highest export rate in the world behind Mexico, with 7th highest export value in 2018.

Agro products of Vietnam have exported to over 180 countries with more than 200 products. In 2019, fruit and vegetables export value reached 3.745B$ including 1.778B$ of import value and 1.969B$ of export value. China is biggest import country with 65.84% of export value, as higher as 16 times compared with its of USA (about 4%).

China is the main export market of Vietnam agro products, but it is no longer a easy market, they are tightening agro trade with border trade and increasing the plant quarantine bars, said Plant protection Department.

Since January 1st 2019, Animal and Plant Quarantine, General Administration of Customs China has applied the standards of quality control and origin certification for agro products export from Vietnam to China.

Companies are issued the code if they meet the required standards. There are 37 provinces which have companies being approved code to export fruit to China. Most of them come from Tien Giang (721 codes), Bac Giang (289 codes), Binh Thuan (267 codes), Long An (132 codes).

The approval the code of plant zones and packaging firms are slow and a little in comparison with the areas of plant zones. While the VietGAP and GlobalGAP certifications are 7.5% of fruit growing areas, which caused the difficulty of traceability.

Mr. Dang Phuc Nguyen, The General secretary of Fruit and Vegetables Association said that China had forced Thailand use the traceability code by using QR code since 2019. Then they may apply to Vietnam export agro product in short coming time. If Vietnam do not prepare well, we will face the difficulty when we export fruit and vegetable to China./.

Source: nongnghiep

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