Vinatex 3-ply droplet resistant, antibacterial fabric masks

VINATEX epidemic masks are using specially finished fiber/yarn and weaving technology making it soft, breathability, airy and fully satisfying Decision No.870/QD-BYT of Ministry of Health in term of technological requirements for protective fabric mask against epidemic in community.

VINATEX epidemic masks are designed to reduce the risk of inhaling hazardous airborne and fluid particles. They are made of 3 plies: outermost layer is made of woven fabric finished with nano silver technology, two inside layers are antibacterial knitted fabrics providing them droplet- resistant and dust-resistant characteristics.

Especially, test item “Respiratory resistance” (DP) of Vinatex epidemic masks in airflow capacity of 30 liters/minute reaches 5mm H20, completely meets the requirement of less than 9mm of H20 according to Decision No.870 of Ministry of Health, which help users to breath easily.

Moreover, they have 90% antibacterial capacity as tested in according to Japanese standard JISL1902 and American standard AATTC100.

Consumers can easily realize authenticity of VINATEX epidemic masks by following characteristics:
+ Logo of VINATEX is printed on each product by thermal press technology.
+ 7-colours anti-counterfeiting stamp issued by Ministry of Public Security on each cover box.
+ In addition, consumers can scan barcode by Icheck Application.

Product is expected to be available on counters of 3 VINATEX’s showrooms with the quantity of 100,000 pieces per day

VINATEX’s production capacity can reach to 100 million epidemic masks per month, ready to meet all corporations and individuals’ large orders.

Contact for purchase:
– Ms. Do Hong Hanh: + 84 97 8687170 – email: hanhdh@vinatex.com.vn;
– Mr. Vuong Duc Anh: +84 90 4888016 – email: anhvd@vinatex.com.vn;
– Customer care: customercare@vinatex.com.vn

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Back in early February, Doximex was the 1st company to introduce the 2-layer antibacterial fabric masks in Vietnam; yet again, in early March, Doximex was the 1st company to get Vietnam’s Ministry of Health’s approval for the new 3-layer anti-droplet and antibacterial fabric masks.

We have since provided 20 million masks, which remain effective after 30 washes, to the Vietnamese people, contributing our part to Vietnam’s efforts in preventing the widespread transmission of Coronavirus.

Doximex’s efforts and contribution have been featured on several Vietnamese national televisions and praised by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health and Ministry of Industry and Trade.



Cell, Zalo, Whatsapp, Viber: +84 98 430 0826 (Mr. Viet); Email: tranviet@doximex.vn


For more information, please contact Vietnam Trade Office in Canada at Ca@moit.gov.vn