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Viet Tri Chemical Joint Stock Company, formerly known as No.1 Viet Tri Chemical Factory, the first fundamental chemical factory of Vietnam, was initially constructed in 1959, officially went into production in 1961. After nearly 60 years of construction and development, along with the continuous effort of generations of officials and employees, Viet Tri Chemical Joint Stock Company (Vitrichem) has had sustainable development and been always a chemical manufacturing enterprise with the leading position in the Vietnamese market.

Vitrichem’s leaders and employees are always united and we strive to overcome all difficulties, proactively and actively develop production and business. Product quality and services are the first responsibility that we must fulfill. Ensuring product quality is both the goal and motivation for the Company to continue developing. The development of Vitrichem goes hand in hand with the development of customers. The Company’s policies are aimed at providing customers with products and services of high quality and at the most reasonable price.

Currently, Vitrichem has built a nationwide customer network. Customer relationships are built based on cooperation, equality and mutual development. We are always ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners with the goal of sustainable development together. Vitrichem always recognizes the importance of protecting the environment as protecting our common home. Therefore, we are constantly raising awareness and actively participating in activities to improve, preserve and promote the living environment in businesses as well as in the community. From that awareness, Vitrichem always applies new initiatives, advanced technologies, “Green” and “Clean” eco-friendly technologies to achieve the social goals that we have set. Vitrichem was honored to receive the Gold Cup for the cause of environmental protection awarded by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for its efforts in the investment in equipment and technology to contribute to cleaning the environment. Social and charitable activities have become a beauty in Vitrichem’s cultural tradition. The community-based contributions of the Company will increasingly light the fire of love and arouse the kindness that have been the tradition of every Vietnamese person.

This tradition will continue to be preserved and promoted along the way of development, as a premise for the development of Vitrichem in the future, pushing Vitrichem more and more firmly on the path to becoming a leading chemical manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam. The development objective in the next stage is to turn the Company into a leading chemical manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam, to quickly integrate into regional and world markets, to contribute to making our country become a modern industrialized one by 2020 as set out in the Resolution of the 12th Communist Party of Vietnam.

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