Receiving the first commercial oil stream by BK-20 rig from White Tiger field


At 20:00 on October 26, 2019, the Vietnam-Russia Petroleum Joint Venture (Vietsovpetro) received the first commercial oil stream with a beginning flow of 288 tons per day by BK-20 rig from MTD-2X well at White Tiger field.

With continuously to drill the other wells, the BK-20 rig will contribute to significant increasing oil output for Vietsovpetro in 2019 and following years.

The BK-20 is the first Mini BK rig with the optimal design, low costs in construction and operation that Vietsovpetro assigned its Institute for Scientific Research & Design to implement for developing the small and marginal fields.

BK-20 is designed in the form of unmanned wellhead rig with remote control from the CPP-3 parent platform.

The total volume of the BK-20 rig (including piles, base and superstructure block) is nearly 2,300 tons, decreased by more than 30% compared to the total volume of previous BK rigs (ThTC-1 / 2/3, CTC-01, RC-9, BK-16, GTC-01, RC-4/5/6) of Vietsovpetro. That why, the total estimate cost of BK-20 decreased by 28% compared to the estimate cost of ThTC-3 and decreased by 37% compared to CTC-01.

Manufacturing BK-20 base on shore.

With the efforts and trying the best of all relevant units of Vietsovpetro the BK-20 has been completely fulfilled by October 23, 2019, and put into operation for 04 days before the dead line (October 30, 2019) assigned by the 50th Council of Vietsovpetro, that leads to increasing oil output of the Joint Venture by 1,152 tons in 2019.

BK-20 rig in White Tiger field.

Thus, the successful design and construction of the BK-20 rig has proved Vietsovpetro to raise the sense of initiative in direction to develop the small and marginal fields in the ending exploration phase at 09-1 and contiguous lots.

That, the BK-20 rig has been put into operation in synchronizing with all other components as the connection pipelines, power cables shows a growth of Vietsovpetro in manufacturing the platforms, particularly and implementing the EPCI projects, generally.

At the end, it is necessary to emphasize that BK-20 model will be definitely applied for designing and manufacturing the new rigs as BK-19, BK-20 and RC-10 in developing the forthcoming potential areas.

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