Proposing JBIC to provide capital support for key electricity projects in Vietnam


According to information from the Asia-Africa Market Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade), Mr. Dang Hoang An Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) had a meeting with Mr. Tanimoto Masayuki – Managing Director, and Director of Global Finance of Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

Deputy Minister Dang Hoang An receives Mr. Tanimoto Masayuki at MOIT head office.

At the meeting, MOIT Deputy Minister proposed JBIC to support investment capitals for the key thermal power projects (TPPs) in Vietnam.

After expressing his pleasure to receive a mission of JBIC, Mr. An high appreciated the activities of JBIC in arranging capital investment for energy projects in Vietnam recent years and emphasized that the projects funded by JBIC have participated the important roles in Vietnam economy.

At present, the energy demand in Vietnam grows very rapidly, so the energy projects which often use the large investment capitals need very much more support from the banks generally and from JBIC particularly. MOIT hopes JBIC to continue support investment capitals for the key TPPs in Vietnam.

Affirming, the relationship between capital sponsors like JBIC and Vietnamese enterprises goes beyond normal trade relations. The capital of JBIC not only serves the Japanese business community in Vietnam but also contributes to support the development of businesses in Japan.

The Deputy Minister also expressed his desire that JBIC will continue to pay attention to capital investment for Vietnam’s energy projects, accompany and coordinate more closely with investors to promote the development of businesses.

Mr. Tanimoto Masayuki informed on the results of JBIC mission in Vietnam and exchanged concerning contents, like the orientation of transiting energy policy towards cleaner, environmentally friendly as developing gas power and renewable energy) to help JBIC better financial support for the energy industry in general and electricity in particular.

At the same time, JBIC expresses its thanks to Vietnam for sharing the points of view on clean and sustainable energy development, and hopes that MOIT as the state management agency on energy and JBIC will cooperate together to build a good control mechanism for projects, capture the business situation, the current status of the electricity industry for using investment capitals with a high effect.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Minister Dang Hoang An affirmed that MOIT commits to continue supporting businesses, to promote adequate substance and deep cooperation to help Vietnam – Japan enterprises for enjoying a lot of benefits when participating in investment and business in Vietnam.

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