MOIT to propose reducing electricity tariffs for many customers during the Covid-19 pandemic


On April 1, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) reported to the Prime Minister on the proposal to reduce electricity tariffs for many customers to remove difficulties in their production and business under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the proposal of MOIT, the tariffs reduce by 10% for household customers using electricity at the levels 1 to 4, from April to June. These customers are mainly civil servants, officials, workers… severely affected from Covid -19 pandemic (the turnover from these subjects reduces nearly 3000 billion VND compared to that in the same time of previous years).

The tariffs are kept the same for the customers using higher 300 kWh/month, due to these consumers have high income and less affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

For the tourist bases, the electricity tariffs are proposed as the same for the production customers from April that leads to reducing turnover by more than 1,800 billion VND. A direct electricity remission with a money amount of about 100 billion VND would be applied for the units serving against Covid-19 pandemic.

For the production and business customers (including the enterprises with 03 shifts and ones with 01 shift), MOIT also suggests to reduce electricity tariff by 10% from April to June. The reduction values about 6,100 billion VND.

For the production and business customers, the electricity tariffs at peak and off peak hours would be still maintained

to encourage saving electricity in peak hours and using it in ordinary hours.

In the case, if MOIT proposals will be approved by the Prime Minister, the total money amount from the reduction of electricity tariffs will be nearly VND 11,000.


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