RICHY was established in 2001 with 15 employees based in 48 Hang Tre Importers and Distributors Malaysia Appolo. Over 18 years, RICHY is the bridge connecting many famous confectionary products to Vietnam such as: Malaysia Buttercup, LOT100 Sweets, Rinda Italian Candy, Blue Cookies, TresorDore, Fondante, Evlan Candy, Alfredo Italian, Lambertx Belgian cake,…is popular with Vietnamese consumers.

Along with that, RICHY buys technological lines from major countries such as France and Japan, actively produces such products as: RICHY RICE CAKE,… meets the needs of the domestic market as well as export to the world, raising the level of Vietnamese confectionary in the international market.

For generations of Vietnamese people who grew up on this land, they were nurtured with pristine products from their motherland. RICHY has distilled essence and national spirit, each product contains the heart of the Vietnamese people. 18 years ago, there was a burning fire called RICHY, beginning the aspiration to reach the world of the Vietnamese people full of ambition. Going to small and medium businesses, starting with the business and importing confectionery and then making their own, so far RICHY has achieved certain successes and the mileage that marks the milestone memorable.

RICHY product catalogue 2021 is attached below.


For more information, please contact Vietnam Trade Office in Canada at Ca@moit.gov.vn