Vietnam is looking for supplier of Chloramine B and Aquatabs 67mg


Vietnamese importers are looking for suppliers of the two chemistry which are Chloramine B and Aquatabs 67mg

Chloramine B (C6H5S02NCINa.3H20) 

Chloramine B a powder disinfectant detergent, with versatile features, long expiry date. Chloramine B has high sterilization.
Sodium Benzensulfochloramin
The lowest active chlorine content is 25%
The maximum NaOH content is 8%

Aquatabs 67mg

Aquatabs are produced in the form of effervescent tablets mixed with water to treat unhygienic drinking water into hygienic drinking water. It contains the active chlorine Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC), also known as Sodium Closene or Sodium dichloro-s-triazine trione.
Aquatabs 67mg is an effervescent tablet that disinfects the water, can be drunk without boiling

New 100%
Shelf life: more than 5 years from this manufacture and more than 4 years from the date of shipment.


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