Eight key tasks of Vinacomin in 2020


On January 10, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Trinh Dinh Dung attended the Conference to summarize the work of 2019 and deploy the tasks of 2020 of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group (Vinacomin). At the conference, the DPM assigned Vinacomin to carry out eight key tasks in 2020.

DPM Trinh Dinh Dung appreciated that Vinacomin and its member units have successfully completed the planned targets, including the highest targets since 2012 on turnover, production, income of the workers and payment to the State budget.

The financial targets of the group in 2019 exceeded the plan. The restructuring activities were carried out drastically and remarkably effectively. The group has been considered by the Government as the most effective enterprise among the state-owned groups and corporations.

Beside the results Vinacomin has achieved, DPM also pointed out its remaining limitations, especially in the context of high increasing domestic demand for coal and minerals, especially the coal demand for power generation.

Emphasizing that 2020 is a hinge year with many important events of the country, DPM assigned Vinacomin to carry out eight tasks such as:

Firstly, to effectively deploy all production and business activities planned by the group in 2020. In particular, to focus on producing to meet market demand, especially coal market, contributing to ensure energy demand for economic development.

Secondly, to promote business restructure, continue to review the professions and products of the group to make suitable restructure. To restructure investment (on the basis of identifying the main products of the group including coal, electricity and other mineral products). To restructure the enterprise management. To restructure human resources in combining with training, improving the quality of human resources. On this basis, to develop development strategy of the group for the period of 2021-2030 with a vision to 2045.

Thirdly, to continue promoting the scientific and technological application in the production and business of the group. It is necessary to consider science and technology as the key to improve labor productivity, increase the efficiency of enterprises and increase safety factors in the production process.

Fourthly, to focus on investment in expanding production. In particular, to focus investment capital on the new pit projects, the other mineral exploiting and processing projects. To renovate and upgrade existing mines for increasing coal production (especially coal for electricity generation) to ensure coal demand for the economy in accordance with the Coal Industry Development Planning, which has been approved by the Prime Minister. To deeply process minerals, improve productivity, quality and costs of mineral products, products processed from minerals.

Fifthly, to focus resources to remove difficulties, accelerate the progress of key projects that are behind schedule.

Sixthly, to continue implementing synchronous and drastic measures on labor safety and to minimize the number of major accidents and incidents.

“It is an important task, you absolutely must not be subjective, especially in the areas of deep mining, the old and backward technologies, landfills, open field mining, where the natural calamities often occur …” DPM advised.

Seventhly, to carry out well the activities on the environmental protection in the production and business processes. The government leaders require Vinacomin to be a leading enterprise to prioritize resources for implementing effective measures in the environmental protection.

Eight, the leaders of Vinacomin must pay attention to the lives and jobs of the workers and well implement the programs and policies on social security.

Regarding the suggestions of Vinacomin, DPM Trinh Dinh Dung asked the State Capital Management Committee at the enterprises, the Ministries of Industry and Trade, Finance, Natural Resources and Environment, Planning and Investment, and relevant ministries, agencies and localities to settle within their competence; and to report to the Prime Minister for considering the issues beyond their competence so that to create conditions for Vinacomin to complete its tasks in 2020, and stably and sustainably develop.

In 2019, Vinacomin achieved the production and business targets as follow:

The raw coal production of 40.5 million tons, equal to 101% of the year plan, coal sale of 44.02 million tons, equal to 105% of the year plan, among that selling domestic coal was 42.95 million tons, equal to 108% in comparison with the coal sale in 2018; coal supply for power generation was 36.06 million tons, increasing 6.8 million tons (24%) in comparison with the figure in 2018; import coal was 6.5 million tons, equal to 141% of the year plan and increasing 5.7 million tons in comparison with the 2018 figure. Alumina production was 1.36 million tons, exceeded by 5% over the designed capacity at both Tan Rai and Nhan Co plants; alumina sale was achieved 1.39 million tons, exceeded year plan by 7%.

The total turnover of Vinacomin reached VND 131.5 trillion, increasing by 9% compared to turnover of 2018; payment to the State budget of VND 18.1 trillion, increasing VND 1.5 trillion compared to the performance in 2018; the profit of the group reached over 4,000 billion, up 1,000 billion compared to the year plan.


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